Jesus of Nazareth, the Crucified One, is the interpretive key that unlocks the Hebrew scriptures and the book of Revelation.

Jesus is the one who unveils the plans and mysteries of God, and only he is qualified to reveal the nature of the “unseen God.” In him, all the promises of God find their fulfillment. He is the interpretive key that unlocks the Hebrew scriptures and provides the correct understanding of prophecy, and this is especially so in the book of Revelation.

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Only God’s kingdom will prevail and endure. All other political powers are fleeting, already they are passing away.

Despite human pretensions, history demonstrates the impermanence of political power and governments. Rome endured for a thousand years, but its empire fell all the same. Like life itself, political power is fleeting, and it often collapses quickly and unexpectedly when its allotted time expires. Only the reign and realm of God will last forever.

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Christ’s comment about violence taking the kingdom refers to violent men who attempt to seize the work of God – Matthew 11:12.

In Matthew, Jesus declares that “violent men are seizing the kingdom of God.” Is he referring to malevolent men outside the church who attempt to seize control of the kingdom? Or does he mean Christians must aggressively pray and otherwise press into it? Are disciples to “forcefully seize” the promises from God, and does his kingdom advance through forceful action?

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John labels false teachers in the church as “antichrists,” and their deceptive teachings confirm that the “last days” have commenced.

The term “antichrist” occurs only in the second and third letters of John, and he applies the plural noun to deceivers that are causing dissension in his congregations. Their very presence constitutes irrefutable evidence that the “last days” have commenced. These troublemakers are “antichrists” and forerunners of the “Antichrist” who is to come.

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Contrary to the claims of political operatives, Jesus is the light of the world, and his disciples are summoned to reflect him.

From time immemorial, political leaders and their cheerleaders have invoked “god” to validate their agendas and governments, and the most popular religion is employed to do so. Just as today’s officeholders pay lip service to “Judeo-Christian values,” so the emperors of Rome appealed to their traditional gods for divine approval.

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What threatens the Devil’s plans is a church conformed to the Cross of Christ that trembles at God’s word.

Satan offers a smorgasbord of deceptions, and he cares not which one we choose. Only, do not venture in the “wrong” direction. And regardless of which lie, we prefer, common to them all is the goal of steering us away from reliance on the Word of God and living a life conformed to the cross of Christ.

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