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I research, write, and, every now and then, pontificate. I have experience in the history, language, and transmission of the Bible and other ancient texts. Whether this has evolved into expertise is an open question. I am a native of Seattle, Washington.

Seventh Trumpet – Third Woe

SYNOPSIS:  The seventh trumpet blast or “third woe” ushers in the end of the age with the victory of the kingdom of the God and the final judgment – Revelation 11:15-19

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When the seventh seal was opened there followed a silence in heaven for about half an hour before the seven angels began to sound their trumpets. This was so the prayers of the saints could be heard offered on the golden altar (Revelation 8:1-6).

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Two Witnesses

SYNOPSIS:  Having been prepared in the “measuring” of the sanctuary, the Two Witnesses carry out their prophetic witness to the “inhabitants of the earth” – Revelation 11:3-14

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The church in its mission to prophesy to nations and kings is now represented by the Two Witnesses who engage in their prophetic witness before the “inhabitants of the earth.” Their ministry continues for a period of “twelve hundred and sixty days” or forty-two months until they are slain by the Beast from the Abyss.

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Measuring the Sanctuary

SYNOPSIS:  The sanctuary is “measured” in preparation for the prophetic ministry of the Two Witnesses – Revelation 11:1-2

Tabernacle in the Wilderness
Tabernacle in the Wilderness

The saints are now represented with an image that is based on the ancient Tabernacle erected in the Wilderness, not on the Temple building in the city of Jerusalem. The image of the sanctuary and altar used throughout the book of Revelation is, likewise, based on the Tabernacle, not the Temple. The features in this next image are derived from that wilderness Tabernacle. Compare the following passages:

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The Little Scroll

SYNOPSIS:  The sixth trumpet did not produce repentance from the “inhabitants of the earth – Something else is needed” – Revelation 10:1-11

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The last plague failed to produce repentance by the “inhabitants of the earth”; their hearts are now harder than ever. Something else is needed to complete “the mystery of God.” The rest of the “second woe” is concerned with this new direction. Rather than another plague, John sees “another angel” who commissions him to prophesy to the nations.

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The Sixth Trumpet

SYNOPSIS:  The sixth trumpet unleashes a demonic horde from beyond the “Euphrates” to afflict the unrepentant “inhabitants of the earth.” – Revelation 9:13-21

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The sixth trumpet or second “woe” is related to the sixth bowl of wrath; both begin with the release of creatures from beyond the Euphrates River; both end with the overthrow of end-time Babylon (Revelation 16:12-21).

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The Fifth Trumpet

SYNOPSIS:  The fifth trumpet unleashes the first of the “three woes” against the “inhabitants of the earth” – Malevolent creatures released from the Abyss – Revelation 8:13-9:12.

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The first four trumpets have sounded. Now, the last three trumpets are announced as three “woes,” a series of severe judgments that afflict the “inhabitants of the earth.” This is another example of John dividing a sevenfold series into distinct segments or groups of four and three things. For example, the first four seal openings formed a group distinct from the last three seals.

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