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||Originally|| was |the Word|, And ||the Word|| was |with God|; And |the Word| was ||God||. ||The same|| was originally |with God|.

||All things|| through himʹ |came into existence|, And ||without him|| came into existence |not even one thing|: <That which hath come into existence>

||in him|| was |life|, And ||the life|| was |the light of men|.—And ||the light|| |in the darkness| shineth; And ||the darkness|| thereofʹ |laid not hold|.

There arose a manˎ sent from God, whose name was |John|: ||The same|| came |for a witness|ˎ That he might bear witness |concerning the light|, That ||all|| might believeʹ |through him|. ||He|| was notʹ the light,—Butˎ that he might bear witness concerning the light.

It |was|—The real light that enlighteneth everyʹ man—|Coming into the world|. |In the world| he wasˎ And ||the world|| through himʹ |came into existence|, And ||the world|| knew himʹ not. |Into his own possessions| he came, And ||his own people|| received him not home.

But <as many as did receive him> he gave |unto them| authorityˎ |children of God| to become,—unto them who were believing on his name: Who—not of bloodsˎ nor of the will of the fleshˎ nor of the will of man, but—||Of God|| were born.

And ||the Word|| became |flesh|ˎ And pitched his tent among us, And we gazed upon his glory,—||A glory|| as an Only-begotten from his Father. Full of favour and truth.

John 1:1-14 – (The Emphasized Bible)

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