Introduction to the Book of Daniel – (A brief introduction to the Book of Daniel, its contents, background, and literary structure)

In the Imperial Court – (Daniel 1:1-21God gives the Kingdom of Judah to Nebuchadnezzar and equips Daniel to serve in the center of the new world-power)

The Dream of the king – (Daniel 2:1-49Only Daniel was able to reveal and interpret the troubling dream of King Nebuchadnezzar)

The Great Golden Image of the King – (Daniel 3:1-30Next, King Nebuchadnezzar implements his dream by “setting up” a Great Golden Image to glorify his kingdom)

The Downfall and Restoration of a King – (Daniel 4:1-37The King has another troubling dream that leads to his downfall after a display of extreme arrogance)

The Head of Gold Shattered (Daniel 5:1-31The last ruler of Babylon summons Daniel the evening before the fall of the city to the Medes and the Persians to read the “handwriting on the wall”)

The Next Imperial Regime – (Daniel 6:1-28The story of Daniel delivered from the lions demonstrates that Yahweh remains in control of history and the welfare of His people)


Four Beastly Regimes – Vision – (Daniel 7:1-8Daniel’s vision of four beastly regimes ascending from a chaotic sea, and the reaction of Heaven)

Four Beastly Regimes – Interpretation – (Daniel 7:15-28The vision of the fourth beast with the arrogant “little horn” is interpreted in Daniel)

The Vision of the Ram and the Goat – (Daniel 8:1-14Daniel received a vision of a “ram” overthrown by a “goat.” A “little horn” appeared that attacked the saints)

The Interpretation of the Ram and the Goat – (Daniel 8:15-24Daniel next received the interpretation of the “ram” overthrown by a “goat,” and of its malevolent “little horn”)

The Seventy Weeks – Prayer and Visitation – (Daniel 9:1-23Daniel prays a collective prayer of repentance after contemplating a prophecy of Jeremiah)

The Seventy Weeks – The First Sixty-Nine – (Daniel 9:24-25The Angel divides the first sixty-nine “weeks” into two divisions)

The Seventy Weeks – The Final Week – (Daniel 9:26-27An analysis of the final week of the “Seventy Weeks” prophecy)


A Theology of History – (The book of Daniel demonstrates the absolute sovereignty of Yahweh over the course of history and empires)

The Tower of Babel, Empire, and Hubris – (Despite human pretensions and presumptuousness, God remains sovereign over world powers)

The Identity of the Little Horn – (The “Little Horn” described in Daniel 7:7-8 fits perfectly with the known history of the Seleucid king, Antiochus IV)

Daniel Chapter 7 in the New Testament – (Several phrases from Daniel are employed in the New Testament, especially, the “Son of Man” and the “little horn” that wages “war against the saints”)

Seventy Weeks – The Start Date – (The date of the commencement of the Seventy Weeks prophecy is provided in the first paragraph of Chapter 9 of Daniel)

The Seventy Weeks Missing from Revelation – (Despite its prominence, the prophecy of the “Seventy Weeks” is not applied in the Book of Revelation)

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