The Woman, Son, and the Dragon – (Revelation 12:1-6War breaks out in “heaven.” After the Dragon fails to destroy the “son,” he persecutes the followers of the Lamb, the “seed of the woman”)

War in Heaven – (Defeated by the messianic “son,” the Dragon was expelled from heaven, while victory was declared for the saints – Revelation 12:7-12)

Victory over the Dragon – The Triumph of the Saints – (Revelation 12:11The saints overcome the Dragon and his forces through the death of the Lamb and their faithful witness, “even unto death”)

The Seed of the Woman – (Revelation 12:17The vision of the “Dragon” persecuting the “seed of the Woman” represents Satan’s present “war” against the saints of God)


The Beast from the Sea – (Revelation 13:1-5The Dragon begins his war on the “seed of the Woman” by summoning his “seed,” the Beast from the sea)

Persecuting Beast – (The Beast wages war against the saints, the church)

Beast from the Earth – (The Beast from the earth mimics the Lamb and is the mouthpiece of the first beast)

The Mark of the Beast – 666 – (Revelation 13:16-18Humanity is divided into two groups – men who have the mark of the Beast, and those who bear the name of the Lamb’s Father)

The Priestly Company on Mount Zion – (Revelation 14:1-5The priestly company of 144,000 unblemished “males” constitutes a “first fruits” of the coming harvest)

The Everlasting Gospel – The Coming Harvests – (Revelation 14:6-7Having contrasted the followers of the Lamb with those of the Beast, we must choose between the two, each with a different everlasting consequence )

The Fall of Babylon Announced – (Revelation 14:8-11Two more angels appear and announce the judicial sentence of God on “Babylon” and the “inhabitants of the earth”)

The Final “Grain” Harvest – (Two different “harvests” are to occur at the end of the age – The reaping of the “grain,” and the ingathering of the “fruit of the vine” – Revelation 14:12-16)

The Final Ingathering of “Grapes” – (The final ingathering of the “fruit of the vine” portrays the outpouring of the “wrath of God” on all men who take the “mark of the Beast” – Revelation 14:17-20)


Son of the Lamb(Having overcome the Beast, the saints sing the song of the Lamb – Revelation 15:1-4)

Tent of Witness – (The seven “last plagues” echo the destruction of Egypt in the Red Sea)

First Four Bowls(The first four Bowls destroy the economic infrastructure of the Beast)

Fifth Bowl of Wrath – ( The fifth “bowl” targets the political realm of the Empire)

Sixth Bowl – Armageddon(The sixth “bowl” begins the final battle between the “Lamb” and the “Dragon”)

Seventh Bowl(The seventh “bowl of wrath” produces the final overthrow of Babylon, the Great City)


Why do the Nations Rage? – (Psalm 2:1-9The New Testament applies the plot against the Messiah from the second Psalm to the conspiracy of the leaders of the Jewish nation to slay Jesus)

The Abyss – (The Abyss is the source of satanic attacks against the people of God, yet it is under the authority of the Lamb)

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