seven trumpets (8-11)


Sounding the Seven Trumpets – (Revelation 8:7-11:19An overview of the Seven Trumpets and the several intervening events)

The First Trumpet – (Revelation 8:7The first trumpet unleashes a plague based on the seventh plague of Egypt, but with modifications)

The Second Trumpet – (Revelation 8:8-9The second trumpet harms much of the commerce on which Babylon and the “inhabitants of the earth” depend)

The Third Trumpet (Revelation 8:10-11The third trumpet produces a “great star” that falls onto the sources of freshwater, embittering them)

The Fourth Trumpet – (Revelation 8:12 The fourth trumpet causes a partial darkening of the sun, moon, and the stars)

The Fifth Trumpet – (Revelation 8:13-9:12 The fifth trumpet unleashes the first of the “three woes” against the “inhabitants of the earth”)

The Sixth Trumpet – (Revelation 9:13-21The sixth trumpet unleashes a demonic horde from beyond the “Euphrates” to afflict the unrepentant “inhabitants of the earth”)

Little Scroll – (The sixth trumpet did not produce repentance from the inhabitants of the earth – Something else was needed)

Sanctuary Measured – (The sanctuary is “measured” in preparation for the prophetic ministry of the Two Witnesses)

Twin Lighthouses on

Two Witnesses Testify – (The Two Witnesses carry out their prophetic witness to the inhabitants of the earth)

The Seventh Trumpet – The Third Woe – (Revelation 11:15-19The seventh trumpet blast or “third woe” ushers in the end of the age with the victory of the kingdom of the God and the final judgment)


The Apocalyptic People of God – (Final victory is achieved by the redemption of men and women from every nation. Identification with the Lamb is what determines membership in the People of God)

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