Mark 1-8


Introduction to Mark(A brief overview of the Gospel of Mark, its contents, background, and literary structure)

The Son of God in the Gospel of Mark – (Mark presents a Messiah that cannot be understood apart from his self-sacrificial death)


In the Beginning – (In the ministry of Jesus, the kingdom of God arrived as announced by John the Baptist)

Voice in the Wilderness – (John the Baptist prepared the way for the Messiah, the herald of the Good News of the Kingdom of God – Mark 1:4-8)

This is My Son! – (The Spirit of God and the voice from heaven confirmed the calling and identity of Jesus – Son of God and Messiah of Israel)

Empowered by the Spirit – (Victorious over the Devil and empowered by the Spirit, Jesus appeared in Galilee proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom)

Arrest and Proclamation – (Jesus began to proclaim the kingdom following the arrest of John the Baptist and in fulfillment of Scripture)

Four Disciples Summoned – (The summons of Jesus to follow him necessitated total commitment and immediate reaction)

Authority over Demons – (Jesus demonstrated his victory over Satan by driving his forces out of God’s children

Authority over Disease – (Social conventions and purity regulations did not prevent Jesus from ministering to the needs of others)

Authority over Ritual Purity – (His touch cleansed a leper, and the forbidden contact did not render him “unclean”)

Authority to Discharge Sins – (Jesus healed a paralytic, demonstrating his authority to discharge sins)

Tax Collector Summoned – (Forgiveness links the call of the tax collector to the preceding story)

Authority over the Sabbath – (By healing a man, Jesus demonstrated his authority even over the Sabbath)

Crowds Press, Demons Profess – (Demons began to declare Jesus to be the Son of God)

Twelve Apostles Appointed – (Jesus chose his Twelve Disciples from among a larger group of followers)

Unpardonable Sin – (A line is crossed when what God’s Spirit is doing in Jesus is attributed to Satan)

Parable of the Sower – (The Son of Man sows the seed of the gospel in the world where it grows into the kingdom of God until the end of the age – Mark 4:1-20)

Kingdom Parables – (Jesus taught several parables concerning God’s kingdom, its unexpected ways of expansion, and its status in the world – Mark 4:21-34)

Authority over Sea and Storm – (Jesus miraculously calmed a storm and the sea of Galilee)

Demonized Man Delivered – (Jesus delivered a demonized Gentile while traveling through hostile territory)

Two Women Restored – (Jesus healed two women and restored both to states of ritual purity)

Rejected in Nazareth – (Despite his deeds, his hometown rejected his ministry and took offense at his origins)

Cost of Discipleship – (To be a disciple means to take up one’s cross daily and to follow in his steps wherever they lead)

Miraculous Witness to Israel – (The Feeding of the 5,000, and he walks on water)

Jesus and Tradition – (Jesus undermined the religious rationale for dietary restrictions. With the Messiah’s arrival, the old rituals lost their relevance – Mark 7:1-23)

Spiritual Dullness (Mark highlights the unbelief behind the inability of others to perceive who he was)

Blind Man Saved – (A blind man’s eyes were opened, and he was saved as Jesus continued on the way)

Whosoever will Follow Me – (For a fleeting moment, the eyes of Peter were opened to “see” just who he was)

Embracing the Cross – (To be the Messiah means suffering and death, and he summons his disciples to follow the same path)