MARK 9-16

The Son of man is delivered up into the hands of men, and they shall kill him; and when he is killed, after three days he shall rise again. “


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Transfiguration – (The Transfiguration was the divine confirmation of his status as Messiah, the Son of Man)

Stumped by Unbelief – (Unbelief prevented the disciples from exorcising a demon)

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Meaning of Discipleship – (To be his disciple means to pursue self-sacrificial service for others)

Faithful and Saltless Disciples – (Faithful disciples receive great rewards, but those that abuse weaker brethren risk Gehenna)

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Questions About Divorce – (Jesus used controversies over divorce to show disciples a higher way)

Young Rich Man – (To follow Jesus means to surrender one’s entire life and go wherever he leads)

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His Impending Death – (The Son of Man was on the way to Jerusalem where he would suffer arrest, trial, and execution)

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Greatness in His Kingdom – (Is achieved by becoming the servant and slave of all)

Blind Bar-Timaeus Saved – (Jesus restored the sight of a blind beggar while on the way to his death in Jerusalem)

Triumphal Arrival – (At the end of his journey, his destination was the Temple in Jerusalem)

Beware that no man deceives you. Many will come in my name, saying, I am he; and will deceive many. “


Fruitless Temple – (The barren fig tree symbolized the fruitlessness of the Temple)

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In the Temple – (Jesus gave his final discourse following his final departure from the Temple – Mark 12:41-13:4.)

Geographic Scope – (Jesus described events set in different geographic settings – regional and universal)

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Wars and Rumors – (Jesus warned about coming deceivers who propagate false expectations about the end)

Repeated Warnings – (Jesus reiterated key information that is necessary for his followers to avoid being misled by deceivers)

Sign of the End – (It will not come until this gospel is proclaimed to all nations)

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Abomination that Desolates – (When the desolating abomination appears, disciples must flee Jerusalem)

THIS Generation – (The generation contemporary with Jesus would see the Temple destroyed )

Budding Fig Tree – (The parable of the budding fig tree pointed to the events leading up to the destruction of the Temple)

Coming on Clouds – (The whole earth will witness the Son of Man arriving on the clouds to gather his elect to himself)

Knowing Times and Seasons – (Did Jesus command his disciples to know the “times and Seasons” of the end?)

Jesus and the Centurion – (Only in his sacrificial death can the identity of Jesus and the nature of his messiahship be understood – Mark 15:29-45)

And when the centurion, who stood by over against him, saw that he so gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God.”

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