The first four “bowls” destroyed the economic structure of Babylon. The next “bowl” targets its political sphere Revelation 16:10-11.

The first “four bowls of wrath” attacked the economic infrastructure of the empire used to dominate the “inhabitants of the earth” and to wage war on the “saints,” leaving the global commerce on which the “beast” depended destroyed. Now, the “fifth bowl” targets its political power and prestige.

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The beast from the earth mimics the Lamb. It is the mouthpiece of the Dragon and the propagandist for the first beast.

The “great voice in heaven” pronounced “woe” on the “inhabitants of the earth and of the sea, because the Devil descended to you, having great wrath.” He then launched his war against the “seed of the woman” by summoning his own “seed” – the “beast from the sea,” and now, the “beast from the earth.”

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The “Dragon” and his servants wage war against the saints, and not against nation-states or certain ethnic groups.

Revelation portrays the cosmic war being waged between Satan and Jesus, one that plays out in the daily struggles of the church. The earthly vassals of the “Dragon” execute his attacks on the Church, especially the “beast from the sea,” the “false prophet,” and “Babylon.” The “war” is waged through deception, deceivers within the church, and persecution from without.

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Beast from the Sea

The Dragon began his war on the “seed of the woman” by summoning his “seed,” the beast from the sea Revelation 13:1-5.

The “Dragon” was poised to launch his “war” on the “seed of the woman.” Standing on the seashore, he began to summon his own “seed,” beginning with the “beast from the sea.” Having failed to destroy either the “son” or the “woman,” he determined to annihilate her “seed,” those who have the “testimony of Jesus.”

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The “two witnesses” must complete their “testimony” before the Beast is unleashed from the “Abyss”Revelation 11:3-7.

In its task of prophesying before “nations and kings,” the church is symbolized by the “two witnesses” as they give “testimony” against the “inhabitants of the earth.” Their work continues for the entire “twelve hundred and sixty days” or “forty-two months” until they “finish” their work. Afterward, they are “slain by the Beast from the abyss.”

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