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Beast from the Sea

The Dragon began his war on the “seed of the woman” by summoning his “seed,” the beast from the sea Revelation 13:1-5.

The “Dragon” was poised to launch his “war” on the “seed of the woman.” Standing on the seashore, he began to summon his own “seed,” beginning with the “beast from the sea.” Having failed to destroy either the “son” or the “woman,” he determined to annihilate her “seed,” those who have the “testimony of Jesus.”

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Seed of the Woman

SYNOPSIS – The vision of the “Dragon” persecuting the “seed of the Woman” represents Satan’s present “war” against the saints of God – Revelation 12:1-17.

In Chapter 12 of the book of Revelation, a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman “arrayed with the sun and the moon beneath her feet.” She was in labor pains. The description borrows language from the dream of the Patriarch, Joseph, in which he saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars rendering homage to him. The stars represented the twelve tribes of Israel paying homage to the twelfth star, that is, to Joseph (Genesis 37:9, Revelation 12:1-5).

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Defeated by the messianic “son,” the Dragon was expelled from heaven, while victory was declared for the saints – Revelation 12:7-12.

With the exaltation of the “Son,” the “Dragon” was expelled from heaven, having lost the battle with Michael and “his angels.” The narrative now makes the identity of the “son” explicit – He is none other than Jesus – and when his victory and enthronement took place – “NOW is come salvation and the kingdom…by the blood of the Lamb.”

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Woman, Son and Dragon

SYNOPSIS – War breaks out in “heaven” with the “Dragon” poised to destroy the “son” as soon as he is “born” – Revelation 12:1-6.

Next. John saw a new “sign” in the heavens – A woman “clothed with the sun, and the moon beneath her feet,” and upon here head a “crown of twelve stars.” She was pregnant and ready to give birth to a “son.” The birth of this child was in fulfillment of the messianic promise recorded in the second Psalm – The prophesied descendant of David who was destined to “rule the nations.”

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Victory over the Dragon

SYNOPSIS:   The saints overcome the Dragon and his forces through the death of the Lamb and their faithful witness, “even unto death” – Revelation 12:11.

dinosaur statue

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