The celebration of heaven over the “wedding” of the “Lamb” follows the destruction of “Babylon, the Great Harlot” Revelation 19:1-10.

Next, Revelation presents the celebration of “heaven” over the demise of the “Great City, Babylon.” A “great voice” of many people rings out in praise to God because He judged the “Great Harlot” that had seduced the “nations” and persecuted the “saints,” the “servants” of God. It is also the hour for the “marriage” of the “Lamb” to his bride, “New Jerusalem.”

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The complete destruction of Babylon, especially her economic power is God’s response to her persecution of the “saints” Revelation 18:9-24.

Next, Revelation presents the detailed description of the destruction of the “Great City,” and the justification for this action. In part, her demise is caused by the hatred of the “ten kings” that are allied with the “Beast” and driven by God to desolate and “burn her utterly with fire” for her dominance of world commerce and her “sorcery.”

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The fall of mystery Babylon is pronounced, and her ritual impurity exposed and denounced by an angel Revelation 18:1-8.

Next, John saw an angel descending from heaven, one who had “great authority” with which he pronounced the “fall of Babylon” and described her ritual pollution by demonic spirits. This was followed by a voice summoning the saints to separate themselves from the “Harlot,” otherwise, they would participate in her “plagues.”

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The Lamb overcomes the Beast and Babylon because he is the “Lord of lords, and King of kings”Revelation 17:14-18.

Next, John was provided with the interpretation of what he saw – “Babylon” is the “great city” that sways the political powers of the earth in alliance with the “beast,” and her persecution of the “saints” is an extension of the Dragon’s “war” against them. But Jesus overcomes the “beast” and “Babylon,” though he does so in unexpected and paradoxical ways.

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Babylon, the “Great Harlot,” rides the Beast from the Sea with its seven heads and ten hornsRevelation 17:7-13.

Babylon” sits on the same malignant creature seen earlier “ascending from the sea.” It was an amalgamation of the four “beasts from the sea” from Daniel. Now, we discover the “lineage” of the “beast” and preview its destruction, all described with language from Daniel’s vision of the “fourth beast” and its “little horn.”

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