The seventh trumpet or “third woe” ushered in the consummation of the kingdom and the final judgmentRevelation 11:15-19.

When the seventh seal was opened, a half-hour of “silence” in heaven ensued before the seven angels began to sound their “trumpets” when the prayers of the “saints” were heard. When the “seventh trumpet” sounded, “loud voices” in heaven declared the triumph of the kingdom and the “Lamb,” for the nations had become his possession as promised.

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The “two witnesses” must complete their “testimony” before the Beast is unleashed from the “Abyss”Revelation 11:3-7.

In its task of prophesying before “nations and kings,” the church is symbolized by the “two witnesses” as they give “testimony” against the “inhabitants of the earth.” Their work continues for the entire “twelve hundred and sixty days” or “forty-two months” until they “finish” their work. Afterward, they are “slain by the Beast from the abyss.”

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The sanctuary must be “measured” before the city can be inhabited, but first, it must be “trampled underfoot” by the nations – Revelation 11:1-2.

In the preceding vision, John was commanded to “prophesy again over many peoples and nations and tongues and kings,” setting the stage for the next two visions, the “measuring of the sanctuary and altar” and the “two witnesses.” Both visions are connected by the equivalent figures of “forty-two months” and “1,260-days.”

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John saw the scroll again, now unsealed and completely open, signifying his call to prophesy once more to peoples and kings Revelation 10:1-11.

The first six trumpet plagues failed to cause the “inhabitants of the earth” to repent. Instead, they only further hardened their hearts.  Something more was needed to complete “the mystery of God.” The narrative now takes a new direction. Rather than another plague, John is commissioned to prophesy to the “nations and kings of the earth.”

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The sixth trumpet unleashed the demonic horde from beyond the “Euphrates” to afflict the “inhabitants of the earth”Revelation 9:13-21.

The sounding of the “sixth trumpet” also marks the commencement of the “second woe.” While the description of the “plague” unleashed by the trumpet only continues until the end of chapter 9, the “second woe” does not end until the sounding of the “seventh trumpet” just before the final judgment. Presumably, the “sixth trumpet” also concludes at that same time.

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