Outline of the Second Division

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The book of Revelation is divided into four major literary units. The Second Division begins with John’s vision of the Divine Throne and continues until the end of the series of Seven Bowls of Wrath (Revelation 4:1+16:21).

The first division viewed events from the perspective of John on the Isle of Patmos. This next division sees events from the perspective of the Throne at the center of the Cosmos. Continue reading


The Fourfold Division of Revelation

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The book of Revelation consists of a Prologue, the Vision Proper, and an Epilogue. The Vision itself falls into four recognizable divisions, each starting with an episode in which John finds himself “in the spirit” in a new location where he receives a new vision.

The first vision begins with John on the isle of Patmos where he “came to be in spirit.” This section describes how his visionary experience began. His sudden transition “in the spirit” marks out the first major literary section of the book. Of relevance is the clause, “I came to be in spirit,” and the location, “on the isle of Patmos.” Continue reading