SYNOPSIS – The doctrine of the “rapture” is not found in the book of Revelation and must be imported into it – Revelation 4:1-2

The “rapture” refers to an interpretation in which Jesus rescues his church from tribulation by removing it from the earth and transporting it to heaven. A basic problem with this proposition is that the New Testament never uses the term “rapture” or explicitly describes a day when the Lord takes the saints off the earth to transfer them to “heaven.” The doctrine relies on passages where the idea is, at best, implicit.

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The image of the Throne presents God reigning at the center of the created order – Revelation 4:1-11

The vision of the “throne” is the theological center of the book and sets the stage for all that follows. In chapter 4, John saw the divine “throne” and the “One Who Sits on it” reigning from the center of the Creation. In chapter 5, he saw the “slain Lamb” take the “sealed scroll” from the “throne,” then all creation declared him “worthy” to open the scroll.

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