Jesus or Caesar?

When offered by Satan, Jesus refused the political power of Rome. So, why do we continue to seek what he rejected? When I became a disciple of Jesus, I was taught NOT to “be unequally yoked” with the world. Yes, conditions around the globe were tragic, but what did we expect from a world order under Satan’s boot? What humanity needed was the good news of God’s kingdom, not another corrupt political ideology.

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To Whom Homage?

Satan tempted Jesus with political power over “all the kingdoms of the world.” But the man from Nazareth refused the offer. Instead of might and grandeur, he submitted to the way of the ‘Suffering Servant.’ But the most startling detail is that he did not dispute the Devil’s claim to have jurisdiction over the political systems of the world.

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Paul instructed believers living in the center of the Empire not to oppose the government – its existence had been “arranged” by GodRomans 13:1-8.

Writing to the churches in Rome, Paul presented principles for Christian conduct towards the State. Believers to “subordinate themselves to governing powers: for there is no authority except by God,” a statement written at the time when Nero ruled the empire, the very man who became the first emperor to persecute Christians.

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HE changes times and seasons, HE removes kings, HE sets up kings.”

Far too often, church leaders exhort us to work diligently to elect politicians and pass laws of which they approve, claiming it is God’s will and warning of the dire consequences that will befall us if we fail to do so. Believers must fight tooth and nail for their chosen candidates and programs! But chosen by whom?

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The deception of Christendom attempts to invoke God to validate national institutions and perverts the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Invariably, the mixing of Church and State leads to the association and even identification of Christianity with specific nations, cultures, and political ideologies. And when church leaders employ terms like ‘Christendom’ to distinguish one country from another, they replace the biblical faith with a false and even antichrist religion.

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