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Daniel began to inquire into the predicted end of the Babylonian Captivity recorded in the book of Jeremiah Daniel 9:1-2.

Daniel received the revelation about the “seventy weeks” in the “first year” of Darius the Mede; that is, shortly after the fall of the Neo-Babylonian Empire to the “Medes and Persians.” And his inquiry and prayer indicate that the events in chapter 9 occurred before the return of the first Jewish exiles to Jerusalem after the decree of Cyrus the Great.

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Seventy Weeks – The First Sixty-Nine

SYNOPSIS:  The Angel divides the first sixty-nine “weeks” into two divisions, one numbering seven and the other sixty-two “weeks” – Daniel 9:24-25.

Split Pathway

The first sixty-nine “weeks” of the predicted period is presented in Daniel 9:24-25. The angel declared the “Seventy Weeks” would be “divided” into three segments, then listed six redemptive events that would be achieved before the restoration of Jerusalem. Continue reading Seventy Weeks – The First Sixty-Nine


After praying for the restoration of Israel, the angel Gabriel appeared and began to explain the “vision” to Daniel Daniel 9:3-23.

After contemplating the prophecy from Jeremiah, Daniel began to pray and repent for the sins of Israel. He did not seek revelation into the meaning of Jeremiah’s prophecy, for he understood its prediction perfectly well (“I understood by the writings the number of the years”). Instead, he confessed the sins of the nation, just as Jeremiah had instructed.