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Fifth Seal Opening

SYNOPSIS:  The fifth seal reveals the souls of martyrs underneath an altar where they cry out to God for vindication – Revelation 6:9-11.  

architecture building cemetery chapel

The fifth seal opening reveals the souls of martyrs kept safe “underneath” an altar from where they plead with God for justice for what they have endured at the hands of a hostile world. The slain saints are told they must wait until the complete number of their “fellow servants” who are to be slain, “just as they,” are gathered to join them. Continue reading Fifth Seal Opening

Fourth Seal Opening

SYNOPSIS:  The fourth seal releases a rider named “Death” who is followed by “Hades” gathering up the dead in his wake – Revelation 6:7-8.

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A word of caution. To this point, the “victims” of the forces unleashed by the first three seal openings have not been identified, although the details of each rider’s assigned task provide a few clues. Therefore, the reader ought to be careful before assuming each rider afflicts “plagues” and judgments on an ungodly human population. Continue reading Fourth Seal Opening

Third Seal Opening

SYNOPSIS:  The third seal releases a rider on a black horse. A voice from the Throne prohibits him from destroying what is needed for daily life – Revelation 6:5-6.

brown and white horse

Once again, the Lamb opens another “seal,” the third one. It cannot be overstressed, it is the sacrificial Lamb who opens each of the seals to release whatever each “rider” represents, not the Devil, the Beast, or “Babylon.” Whether the four riders are malevolent entities or ones that serve the Lamb is not clear, and perhaps, not relevant. Continue reading Third Seal Opening

Second Seal Opening

SYNOPSIS:  The second rider is on a fiery-red horse sent to “remove peace from the earth” by causing men to “slay one another” – Revelation 6:3-4.

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The opening of the first four seals is part of a vision that began when John was summoned “in the spirit” before the Throne at the center of the Cosmos. The glorious figure sitting on it held a scroll sealed shut by Seven Seals.  The Messiah of Israel, identified as the “slain Lamb,” was the only person in the entire created order who was worthy to open the Sealed Scroll, which he now begins to do. Continue reading Second Seal Opening

First Seal Opening

SYNOPSIS:  The Lamb now breaks open the first seal, releasing a rider carrying a bow and riding a white horse – Revelation 6:1-2.

white horse running on green field

Following his enthronement, the Lamb began to break open the seven seals, beginning with the first four viewed as a group. His authority to open the Sealed Scroll is based on his sacrificial death. From his enthronement in Chapter 5, the book of Revelation portrays events and processes symbolically which were put into motion by the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Continue reading First Seal Opening

First Four Seals – An Overview

SYNOPSIS:  The Lamb begins to break open the first four seals in preparation for the unveiling of the contents of the scroll, a process that unleashes destructive forces against the covenant community – Revelation 6:1-8

photo of horses grazing in grass fieldFollowing his enthronement, the Lamb begins immediately to break open the seven seals, beginning with the first four. His authority to open the sealed scroll is based on his sacrificial death. This vision portrays what has occurred as a result of his Death and Resurrection. Continue reading First Four Seals – An Overview