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SYNOPSIS – The types and “shadows” of the old covenant find their substance in the Son – Hebrews 8:1-5

The epistle to the Hebrews develops its exhortation for believers to persevere in the faith from its theme of fulfillment – What God has accomplished already in Jesus. His partial word has been superseded by the complete one “spoken” in His “Son.” Most likely, the letter was addressed to a congregation with a significant complement of Jewish believers. It was facing the possibility of persecution; consequently, some members began to withdraw from the assembly and were contemplating a return to the synagogue to avoid trouble – (Hebrews 2:15, 10:32-34, 12:4, 10:24-31, 13:24-25).

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Having achieved the purification of sins, the Son inherited a vastly more distinguished name than the angelsHebrews 1:4-2:4.

The Son achieved the “purification of sins,” and thus, he qualified to “sit down at the right hand of the majesty on high,” where he continues to reign as the high priest of his people. And through his sacrificial victory, he also inherited the “more distinguished name,” namely, “Son,” the one who has surpassed even God’s mightiest angels in status and honor.

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SYNOPSIS – To a Samaritan woman, Jesus revealed that the presence of God is no longer limited to specific locations or manmade structures – John 4:20-24

In the gospel of John, Jesus revealed the proper form and LOCATION for the worship of the Father. With the advent of the Messiah, the concepts of holy space and holy time no longer apply – His arrival and this new reality rendered the historical debate between the Jews and Samaritans over the location of the Temple moot. Worship performed in truth and the spirit requires no Temple rituals or designated holy places.

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SYNOPSIS – The gospel of John presents Jesus as the true way of access to God and the Greater Bethel – The “House of God” – John 1:47-50

In his gospel, John presents Jesus as the True and Greater House of God, the final and open means of access to the presence of Yahweh. After his baptism, he declared to Nathanael – “Behold, an Israelite in whom is no deceit!” – And claimed to have seen this disciple sitting under a fig tree before the two ever met. Nathanael responded – “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are King of Israel!”:

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SYNOPSIS – The prologue to the gospel of John presents Jesus as the True Tabernacle in whom the glory of God is revealed and now resides – John 1:14

In its opening paragraph, the gospel of John presents the major themes that are explicated in the body of this work. For example, in Jesus, the “Word made flesh,” life and true Light are found. Moreover, John employs imagery from pivotal events in the history of Israel to illustrate what God has achieved in Jesus – (John 1:9-18, 5:21-26, 9:5, 8:12, 12:35-40).

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