The Tent God Pitched

In the gospel of John, Jesus is the true Tabernacle where God dwells. Unlike the ancient structure with its inner sanctuary that only the high priest could enter, now, in Christ, His glory is visible for all men to see. No longer is His presence limited by physical walls and geographic boundaries.

In Jesus of Nazareth, the Father and the Creator of all things is worshipped anywhere and anytime “in spirit and truth.”

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Ever since the “word became flesh,” the glory and knowledge of God are found in Jesus by everyone who believes – John 1:14.

In the prologue to John’s gospel, Jesus is presented as the “word made flesh” in whom the “glory of God” is manifested. He is the Greater Tabernacle foreshadowed by the old tent in the wilderness. He is the place where Yahweh’s glory is beheld by all believers. This statement anticipates John’s later passages that link Christ inextricably to the Father.

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Jesus is the True and Greater Tabernacle in whom the presence and glory of God reside – John 1:14.

The gospel of John presents Jesus as the dwelling place of God dwells, the Greater Tabernacle where his glory is seen, and the true worship of the Father takes place “in the spirit.” Access to His glory is no longer confined by the physical walls of the Temple or Tabernacle or limited to the geographic boundaries of the land of Canaan.

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