Upon his arrival before the Throne, immediately the Lamb began to open the seven seals of the sealed scroll.

Often the forces unleashed by the “seven seals” are linked to the horrific calamities many expect to occur before the return of Jesus, and especially so with the first four seal openings, popularly described as the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Supposedly, with His patience exhausted, God plagues rebellious humanity in a last-ditch effort to bring men to repentance.

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The central figure of Revelation is the slain Lamb, who alone is worthy to open the sealed scroll – Revelation 5:5-14

In the preceding paragraph, John saw the scroll sealed with seven seals held tightly in the right hand of the “One Who Sits on the Throne.” A search was made throughout the Cosmos to find someone “worthy” to break the seals and open the scroll, but no one could be found. This caused John to weep profusely. If the scroll remained sealed, its contents could not be revealed and implemented.

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The One Sitting on the Throne held a scroll sealed with seven seals. A universal search was made for one “worthy” to open it – Revelation 5:1-4

Next, John saw a scroll sealed shut with seven seals and held in the “right hand” of the “One Sitting on the Throne,” who dispatched a “mighty angel” to discover someone from the created order who was “worthy” to take and open the scroll. Despite an exhaustive search, at least momentarily, no one “worthy” could be found.

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In Revelation, the exaltation of the lamb is based on his past Death and Resurrection, the immovable foundation of his present reign.

The sacrificial death of Jesus and his consequent exaltation are prominent in Revelation, for His death and resurrection form the book’s foundation. God’s plan to redeem humanity and the creation through His messiah is unveiled in its visions, and the death, resurrection, and the enthronement of the “Lamb” put it into action. His exaltation is the result of his faithful obedience and sacrificial death.

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The Church and Tribulation

SYNOPSIS:  In the book of Revelation, faithful saints experience “tribulation,” whereas, the unrepentant undergo “wrath.”

lightning during nighttime

The book of Revelation pictures followers of the Lamb exiting the “Great Tribulation,” not through their removal from the Earth but because of their perseverance through it. This is most pronounced in a vision received by John of an “innumerable multitude” of men and women from every nation coming out of the “Great Tribulation,” to stand before the Lamb who redeemed them by his sacrificial death. Continue reading