Jesus explained that he was “on the way” to Jerusalem where he would be arrested, tried, and executed per the plan of God Mark 10:32-34.

Once again, Mark stresses that Jesus is “on the way” as he continues his journey to Jerusalem and his inevitable death. This same theme occurs several times in Mark, beginning with John the Baptist who “prepared the way before the Lord.” Jesus was the suffering servant of Yahweh who was on the road from the wilderness to Golgotha.

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The Transfiguration was the confirmation of his status as the Messiah, and of the necessity for Jesus to suffer before receiving glory – Mark 9:2-13.

In Mark, the event known as the “Transfiguration” begins with the clause, “after six days.” This is not just a temporal reference, but also a link to the preceding story in which Peter acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah. In response, he explained the true meaning of discipleship. To follow him, a man must “deny himself and take up his cross” just as the “Son of Man” did.

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In response to Jewish leaders, Jesus demonstrated that he is Lord even over the “Sabbath Day” Mark 2:23-3:6.

On one occasion. a group of religious leaders objected to his looseness to their Sabbath traditions. But Jesus used the opportunity to demonstrate that the “Son of Man” is “Lord” even over that day. God did cease His creative activities on the seventh day, but its formal establishment as a regulated day did not occur until the Torah was given (“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy”).

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Jesus healed a paralytic, demonstrating the authority of the Son of Man to discharge sinsMark 2:1-12.

The present literary unit consists of five stories that highlight Christ’s authority and the conflicts between him and the religious authorities from the Temple, primarily over issues of ritual purity and Sabbath regulations. And there are parallels between the present story and the preceding one about the cleansing of the leper.

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Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower provides the key to understanding the other parables of Jesus. Its point is that the kingdom of God began to invade the present age with the proclamation of the kingdom of God by the “Son of Man.” He inaugurated the process, and ever since, the kingdom has been advancing throughout the earth though largely unnoticed by humanity.

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