John labels false teachers in the church as “antichrists,” and their deceptive teachings confirm that the “last days” have commenced.

The term “antichrist” occurs only in the second and third letters of John, and he applies the plural noun to deceivers that are causing dissension in his congregations. Their very presence constitutes irrefutable evidence that the “last days” have commenced. These troublemakers are “antichrists” and forerunners of the “Antichrist” who is to come.

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Even now, the mystery of lawlessness is preparing the way for the appearance of the lawless one who will cause many Christians to apostatize.

According to the Apostle Paul, the “mystery of lawlessness” is working diligently in the world to prepare hearts and minds for the “arrival” of the “lawless one.” And it will continue to do so until the appointed time when this final deceiver will “come out of the midst” and appear in the “sanctuary of God.” Thereafter, he will employ “lying signs and wonders” to cause many saints to depart from the faith.

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The final deceiver will use “lying signs and wonders” to deceive and cause many saints to depart from the faith 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9.

The “Day of the Lord” will not commence until the “lawless one” has been “revealed” when he “seats himself in the sanctuary of God.” His arrival will coincide with the “apostasy,” and he will be characterized by his ability to deceive, especially with “lying signs and wonders.” Satan himself will equip this master deceiver to destroy as many saints as possible.

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Jesus will destroy the works of the “Lawless One” and “paralyze” him at his “arrival in glory2 Thessalonians 2:8-12.

Next, Paul explains how Jesus will deal with the “lawless one” at his “arrival.” In doing so, he employs language from Daniel’s vision about the “little horn speaking great things.” Originally, that image represented the Seleucid ruler who attempted to destroy the Jewish faith through deceit and persecution, Antiochus Epiphanes.

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The mystery of lawlessness is at work even now preparing the way for the Lawlessness One2 Thessalonians 2:5-7.

Paul has explained why the “Day of the Lord” has not commenced. Two events must precede it, the “apostasy,” and the “revelation of the man of lawlessness.” Now, he will describe the “mystery of lawlessness” that has been operating behind the scenes to set the stage for the “arrival” of the “son of destruction” who will oppose God and employ “signs and wonders” to deceive many.

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