Jesus and Tradition

In Mark, the city of Jerusalem is the headquarters of the opposition to Jesus, especially the priestly authorities of the Temple. As his popularity grows, he experiences growing conflict with the religious authorities, the Pharisees, the scribes, and the representatives of the high priest. And his enemies began to plot his destruction.

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Jesus healed two women, restoring both to a state of ritual purityMark 5:21-43.

Mark presents two stories about women in need of healing. The theme that links the two accounts is that of a woman in need of physical healing and restoration to a state of ritual purity. Both were “unclean” due to their physical condition; the first because of a flow of blood, and the second due to her recent death.

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Jesus and Jewish Tradition

SYNOPSIS:  The gospel of Mark presents five incidents in which Jesus experienced opposition from religious leaders for deviating from their traditions – Mark 2:1-3:6.

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Jesus did not reject the Mosaic Law but, instead, many of the interpretations added to it by the Scribes and rabbinical authorities, especially practices related to ritual purity and Sabbath regulations. As the “Son of Man,” the Messiah, he was not bound by human traditions and regulations – His authority was superior to the traditions of the “Scribes and Pharisees,” even to the rituals of the Temple. Continue reading