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Why do the Nations Rage?

SYNOPSIS – The New Testament applies the plot against the Messiah from the second Psalm to the conspiracy of the leaders of the Jewish nation to slay Jesus – Psalm 2:1-6.

The second Psalm is recognized widely by Bible commentators as a messianic prophecy composed by David. It is applied consistently to Jesus by the New Testament. However, precisely when did he fulfill this Davidic Psalm, especially its prediction of a conspiracy by the “kings of the earth” to destroy the Yahweh’s “anointed“?

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Lion or Lamb? Preaching a Different Jesus

I marvel that you are so quickly transferring from him that called you unto a different gospel, which is not another gospel, only there are some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ.”

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Some church leaders claim that Jesus is moving today as the roaring “Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” The meek “lamb of God” who sacrificed his life for the world is a thing of the past and, now, he is looking for serious payback. A verse from the book of Revelation is cited to validate this interpretation. But its proponents misrepresent the passage and the theology of Revelation. One brief phrase is read out of context: Continue reading Lion or Lamb? Preaching a Different Jesus

Spiritual Violence?

SYNOPSIS:  Violent men attempted to seize the Kingdom of God, beginning with John the Baptist and continuing in the ministry of Jesus – Matthew 11:12.

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A passage from the Gospel of Matthew is often read as an exhortation for Christians to engage aggressively in prayer, to “press in” and “forcefully seize” the promises of God to which, apparently, they are entitled. Some interpreters and popular preachers even speak of employing “spiritual violence” to advance the Kingdom of God, whatever that is. Continue reading Spiritual Violence?

Blind Bar-Timaeus Saved

SYNOPSIS:  Jesus restores the sight of a blind beggar while he is “on the way” to his death in the city of JerusalemMark 10:46-52

Jesus Heals a blind manThis is the last recorded healing miracle in the gospel of Mark. It probably was no coincidence that Jesus is here designated “the Nazarene.” The only other place in Mark’s gospel where he is so identified is Mark 1:24 when Jesus exorcised a demon and, thus, delivered one oppressed by the Devil. That was his first recorded healing miracle in the gospel of Mark. Thus, “Nazarene” was used to frame Jesus’ first and last healing miracles. Continue reading Blind Bar-Timaeus Saved

His Imminent Death

SYNOPSIS:  Jesus was “on the way” to Jerusalem where he would suffer arrest, trial and execution – Mark 10:32-34

Carrying the crossOnce again, the narrative of the gospel of Mark refers to Jesus who is “on the way,” treading his inexorable journey that ends in Jerusalem with his arrest, trial, and execution. This theme occurs several times in this gospel, beginning with the quotation of John the Baptist’s from Isaiah: “Prepare a way before the Lord.” This paragraph adds that they were “going up to Jerusalem,” an apt description. Jerusalem was located approximately 1,060 meters above the Jordan River valley (Mark 1:2-3, 2:23, 8:27). Continue reading His Imminent Death

Suffering Son of Man

SynopsisTo be the Messiah of Israel means suffering and death, though he is the promised Messiah and Lord over all thingsMark 8:31.

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As Jesus and the disciples approached Jerusalem, he began to explain just what it meant to be the Messiah of Israel – suffering and death. Two more times in the gospel of Mark, Christ predicted his imminent arrest and execution (Mark 9:31, 10:33-34). Continue reading Suffering Son of Man