Beasts & Opposition


In the Church – (John labels false teachers in the church as “antichrists.”)

Spirit of Antichrist– (The Antichrist is a deceiver intent on misleading the elect of God)

The Beast is Rising – (To identify the Antichrist, we must depend on what the relevant scriptures say about him)

Disinformation – (Someone fed disinformation to the church about the imminence of the day to the Lord)

Missing Events – (Two events must occur before Jesus returns, the apostasy and the Lawlessness)

The Apostasy – (The Man of Lawlessness will cause many to depart from the faith).

Son of Destruction – (Many Christians will apostatize when the Son of Destruction sits in the sanctuary)

Seated in the Sanctuary – (The man of lawlessness will be revealed when he seats himself in the sanctuary of God)

Stand Fast – (Believers prepare for the apostasy by standing firm in the apostolic tradition)

Repeated Warnings – (Jesus reiterated key information that is necessary for his followers to avoid being misled by deceivers)

Hastening the Day of the Lord – (2 Peter 3:3-13 – Right Christian conduct and mission completion may “hasten” the arrival of the “Day of the Lord”)

Rescuing us from the Coming Wrath – (1 Thessalonians 1:9-10 – Jesus already is “rescuing” his people from the future “wrath” that will befall all who do not turn from transgression on the Day of the Lord)