Sit on my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.

Lamb - Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Worthy is the Lamb – (The enthronement of Jesus is based on his past death and resurrection)

Crown of Thorns - Photo by BBC Creative on Unsplash

Lord Over All Things – (Jesus received complete authority to reign over the Cosmos. Only his kingdom will endure)

Chessboard - Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Jesus Reigns Now – (The reign of Jesus began with his exaltation to the messianic throne after his death and resurrection)

Anointed King and Son of God – (Jesus is the promised Messiah, the King who reigns on David’s throne, and the anointed Son of God – Psalm 2:1-9)

Jesus Reigns on the Throne of David – (Consistently, the New Testament applies the promised throne of David to Christ’s present reign)

Why do the Nations Rage? – (Psalm 2:1-9The New Testament applies the plot against the Messiah from the second Psalm to the conspiracy of the leaders of the Jewish nation to slay Jesus)

The Ruler of the Kings of the Earth – (Revelation 1:4-6In the book of Revelation, the Lamb is declared the ruler over all things following his death and resurrection)

All Authority is given to me – (Matthew 28:18-20Jesus already has full sovereignty over the heavens and the earth)

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com
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