Jesus – The Fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets – (Matthew 5:17-21It is in Jesus that “All the promises of God are Yea and Amen,” not in Moses or the Torah)

Jesus, the True and Greater Tabernacle – (John 1:14The Prologue to the Gospel of John presents Jesus as the True Tabernacle in whom the glory of God is revealed and resides)

Jesus, the True House of God – (John 1:47-50 – The Gospel of John presents Jesus as the true way of access to God and the Greater Bethel, the “House of God”)

Jesus, the True Sanctuary – (John 2:12-22 – The Gospel of John presents Jesus as the True and Final Temple in which the glory of God resides )

Jesus, the Place of True Worship – (John 4:20-24Jesus revealed to a Samaritan woman that the presence of God is no longer limited to specific locations or manmade structures)

Jesus, the True, Greater, and the Final Temple – (Jesus is the Greater, True and Final Temple foreshadowed by the Tabernacle and the Temple constructed by ancient Israel)


Word Made Flesh (Jesus is the “word made flesh” in whom the glory of God now resides)

God’s Mysteries are Revealed in Jesus – (Hebrews 3:1-6 – All God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus Christ, especially, in his death and resurrection)

Shadow or Substance – (Jesus is the substance that casts the shadows of the Old Testament, not vice versa)

Jesus Reveals the Father (God is revealed fully in Jesus, not in the Law)

Jesus, the Key that Unlocks Prophecy – (Jesus is the interpretive key to prophecy and Scripture)

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Studies for Disciples of Jesus Christ

My Prophetic Reflections

My own story, plus reactions to developments in the Church

Final Word

The Word of the Son, the Word made Flesh

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