Galatians 3:22-29

But the Scripture |did shut up| all things |under sin|, That ||the promise by faith in Jesus Christ|| might be given to them who haveʹ faith.

||Before the coming of the faith|| howeverˎ |under law| were we being kept in ward, Being shut up unto the faith which should afterwardsʹ |be revealed|. So that ||the law|| hath proved |our tutor| [training us] for Christ, In order that |by faith| we might be declared righteous; But <the faith having comeʹ> |no longer| are we |under a tutor|;—

For ye ||all|| are |sons of God| through the faith in Christ Jesus; For ye ||as many as |into Christ| have been immersed|| have put |Christ| on: There cannot be Jew or Greekˎ There cannot be bond or freeˎ There cannot be male and female, For ||all ye|| are |one| in Christ Jesus:

Now <if ||ye|| are of Christ> By consequence ye are |Abraham’s seed|, |According to promise| ||heirs||.

(The Emphasised Bible, by Joseph B. Rotherham)

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