One People in Christ – (By his death, Jesus has formed one covenant community, “one new Man,” based on faith in him by one and all)

Ekklésia – The Assembly – (The use of the term “church” or ekklésia is derived from the “assembly of Yahweh” gathered before the Tabernacle)

Gender and Spirituality – (The genuinely spiritual man or woman understands that God’s power, wisdom, and nature are revealed in the preaching of a crucified messiah)

Priestly Kingdom – (Disciples reign with Jesus as “priests” who mediate His light to the world)

The Sanctuary of God – (The Tabernacle and Temple foreshadowed the greater reality when God would indwell His people. And wherever the church is gathered for worship, the Spirit of God is present)

People of the Last Days – (The church is the battlefield where the final battle is being waged between the Lamb and the “Ancient Serpent,” Satan)

Neither Jew nor Greek – (In Galatians, Paul concludes that with the coming of Jesus, the old social barriers are wholly inappropriate)

Seed of Abraham – (Jesus is the true “seed” of Abraham, and receipt of the inheritance is based on faith in Him)

A Kingdom of Priests – (Disciples reign with Jesus as priests who render service in his Tabernacle and mediate his light in the world)


Incomparable New Covenant – (Jesus inaugurated the promised and vastly superior new covenant, rendering the old one obsolete)

Inheritance of Abraham – (In Jesus, the original limited land promise to Abraham encompasses the entire creation)

New Covenant in Jesus – (The covenant promises find their fulfillment in Jesus and the New Creation)

“Fulfillment Theology” – In Jesus – (The promises of God to Abraham and Israel find their fulfillment in Jesus)

The New Covenant Replaces the Old One – (The book of Hebrews contrasts the old covenant with the new one in Jesus)

The Old Covenant Rendered Obsolete in the Son – (Hebrews 8:13 – With the arrival of the New Covenant, the Old Covenant is rendered obsolete)

The Inheritance of the Saints – (Believers are the heirs of Abraham, and the possession of their inheritance is secured by the gift of the Spirit)


Stephen Bears Witness – (Under the guidance of the Spirit, Stephen gives eloquent and effective testimony to the leaders of Israel)

The mission of the Church – (Jesus tasked his disciples with proclaiming the gospel to all nations)

Witness to All Nations – (Jesus declared that the “end” will not come until this gospel is proclaimed to all nations

Hastening THAT Day – (Between Christ’s ascension and return, God has granted humanity the opportunity to repent)

Reigning with Jesus – (Believers reign with Christ as priests who emulate his example)

Sign of the End – (It will not come until this gospel is proclaimed to all nations)

Preach the Gospel! – (The End will not come until the church completes its mission)

Spiritual Warfare – (Christians wage spiritual “warfare” through right conduct)

Spirit and Covenant – (The gift of the Spirit is part of the New Covenant and the first fruits of the Resurrection and the New Creation)

Babylonian Territory – (The so-called Seven Mountains of Culture are part of Babylon’s domain, but God is summoning His children to come out of her while time remains)


New Testament Language – (Was the New Testament originally composed in Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew?)

Hidden Mysteries Unveiled – (God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus, especially in his death and resurrection)