One New Man – (By his death, Jesus has formed one covenant community, “one new Man,” based on faith in him by one and all)

The Assembly – (The use of the term “church” or ekklésia is derived from the “assembly of Yahweh” gathered before the Tabernacle)

Priestly Kingdom – (Disciples reign with Jesus as “priests” who mediate His light to the world)

The Assembly, the Sanctuary of God – (The Apostle Paul consistently applies Temple language metaphorically to the church of Jesus Christ)

People of the Last Days – (The church is the battlefield where the final battle is being waged between the Lamb and the “Ancient Serpent,” Satan)

Neither Jew nor Greek – (In Galatians, Paul concludes that with the coming of Jesus the old social barriers are wholly inappropriate)

Seed of Abraham – (Jesus is the true “seed” of Abraham, and receipt of the inheritance is based on faith in Him)


Incomparable New Covenant – (Jesus inaugurated the promised and vastly superior new covenant, rendering the old one obsolete)

Inheritance of Abraham – (In Jesus, the original limited land promise to Abraham encompasses the entire creation)

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New Covenant in Jesus – (The covenant promises find their fulfillment in Jesus and the New Creation)

“Fulfillment Theology” – In Jesus – (The promises of God to Abraham and Israel find their fulfillment in Jesus)

The New Covenant Replaces the Old One – (The book of Hebrews contrasts the old covenant with the new one in Jesus)

The Old Covenant Rendered Obsolete in the Son – (Hebrews 8:13With the arrival of the New Covenant, the Old Covenant is rendered obsolete)


Stephen Bears Witness – (Under the guidance of the Spirit, Stephen gives eloquent and effective testimony to the leaders of Israel)

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The mission of the Church – (Jesus tasked his disciples with proclaiming the gospel to all nations)

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Witness to All Nations – (Jesus declared that the “end” will not come until this gospel is proclaimed to all nations

Hastening THAT Day – (Between Christ’s ascension and return, God has granted humanity the opportunity to repent)

Reigning with Jesus – (Believers reign with Christ as priests who emulate his example)

Sign of the End – (It will not come until this gospel is proclaimed to all nations)

Preach the Gospel! – (The End will not come until the church completes its mission)

Spiritual Warfare – (Christians wage spiritual “warfare” through right conduct)

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Power and Wisdom – (The proclamation of Christ crucified is God’s power and wisdom)


New Testament Language – (Was the New Testament originally composed in Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew?)

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Hidden Mysteries Unveiled – (God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus, especially in his death and resurrection)

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