Disciples & Tribulation – (In Revelation, faithful saints undergo tribulation, but the unrepentant inhabitants of the earth receive wrath, the Second Death)

The Faithful Witness – (Jesus is the Faithful Witness who summons us to emulate him by bearing witness)

Appointed to Tribulation – (Disciples of Jesus will escape God’s “wrath” but are appointed for “tribulation” in this life)

The Coming Storm – (The New Testament warns of a future apostasy caused by deceivers that will precede the day of the Lord)

Afflicted Disciples – (In this life, the disciple of Jesus will endure tribulation and persecution for his sake)

Saints, Tribulation, Wrath – (The New Testament does not equate tribulation with wrath. Believers escape one but endure the other)

Embracing the Cross – (To be the Messiah means suffering and death, and he summons his disciples to follow the same path)


Discipleship and Suffering – (To follow Jesus means self-denial and a willingness to suffer for his sake, and enduring persecution is the highest honor in his kingdom)

Leap for Joy – (When disciples are persecuted, they are to rejoice for being accounted “worthy” to suffer for Him)

Christian Response to Persecution – (Disciples must not respond in kind to persecutors)

Disciples and Persecution – (When disciples react to hostility with hostility, whether by government, society, or individuals, Satan triumphs)