Therein is revealed a righteousness of God from faith for faith; as it is written, The righteous shall live from faith.”

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Both Jews and Greeks – (Both Jews and Gentiles stand or fall before God on the same basis)

Righteousness and Wrath – (Sinners await the future judgment of God, believers are waiting to receive their full salvation)

The Righteousness of God – (The “righteousness of God” refers not to an absolute moral standard, but to the faithfulness of God to His promises)

Righteousness, Wrath, Salvation – (Paul argues from plight to solution to present his gospel to the churches in Rome)

Works of the Law – (In Romans, discussions about justification by “works” has a specific category of works in view – the “works of the law”)

Sin, Death, Gospel, Resurrection – (Paul presents his gospel from humanity’s plight to the resurrection of the dead)

The Faith of Jesus – (Men are not set right before God from the works of the law, but from the faith of Jesus)

Heir of the Word – (The “land promise” to Abraham finds fulfillment in the New Creation)

Resurrection and the Spirit – (The gift of the Spirit is the “first-fruits” of the resurrection and the New Creation)

Resurrection and New Creation – (Paul links the bodily Resurrection of the saints with the New Creation)

Future Glory – (Paul summarizes what God did for us in Jesus and prepares for his explanation of the present status of the Jewish people Romans 8:18-39)

Coheirs and Brethren – (Paul links the bodily Resurrection of the saints with the New Creation)

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Governing Authorities – (Disciples are not to oppose existing authorities. They have been arranged by God)

Food and Calendars – (Paul argued for tolerance within the church on food regulations and observing holy days because the “shadows” have found their fulfillment in Jesus – Romans 14:1-12)

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Hidden Mysteries Unveiled – (God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus, especially in his death and resurrection)

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