State & Society


Whomever HE Pleases! – (God gives political power to whomever He pleases to accomplish His purposes)

To Whom Homage? – (Satan offered Jesus unlimited political power for his messianic mission if only he accepted the Devil as his overlord)

Governing Authorities – (Disciples are not to oppose existing authorities. They have been arranged by God)

Jesus or Caesar? – (Jesus refused political power when it was offered by Satan. Should we not do likewise?)

His Kingdom or Christendom – (The people and message of Jesus belong to no nation or society of this present age)

Transitory Powers – (Only God’s kingdom will prevail and endure. All other political powers are fleeting, already they are passing away)


The mission of the Church – (Jesus tasked his disciples with proclaiming the gospel to all nations)

The True Light – (Jesus is the only true light, a light that shines all the brighter in the darkness, and this light means life for men)

City on a Hill – (Contrary to the claims of politicians, Jesus is the light of the world, and his disciples are summoned to reflect him)

Message and Mission – (Jesus summons his disciples to proclaim the Good News of the kingdom of God in every inhabited corner of the earth)

My Rights or His Cross – (To follow Jesus means a life of self-denial, a willingness to suffer persecution for him, and selfless service to others)