The vision of the fourth beast with the arrogant “little horn” is interpreted for Daniel by an angelic being – Daniel 7:15-28. 

Daniel received his vision of four beasts “ascending from the sea” which concluded with a judgment scene. In it, the figure “like a Son of Man” approached the “Ancient of Days” to receive “dominion.” The vision left Daniel confused and troubled; however, one of the beings that was present, presumably an angel, provided him with the interpretation of the vision.

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In the first year of Belshazzar, Daniel saw a vision of four beastly creatures ascending from the chaotic sea – Daniel 7:1-8

Daniel received a vision in which he saw “four beasts ascending” from the sea. The first half of the chapter describes the vision, the second half presents its interpretation. The vision had a fourfold structure, corresponding to the four parts of the “great image” seen by Nebuchadnezzar in his earlier dream, with its golden head, silver arms and breast, brass belly and thighs, and legs of iron and clay.

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