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Jesus is the True and Final Sanctuary in which the glory of Yahweh now dwells, the substance foreshadowed by the ancient Temple – John 2:13-22.

In the second chapter of John, we find the disciples discovered that Jesus is the True and Final Temple of God. The era of God “dwelling” in portable tents and stone buildings in Jerusalem or anywhere else had come to an end. God does not dwell in structures “made-by-hand,” nor can His presence be contained within physical or geographic boundaries.

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Jesus is the true and only way of access to the Father, the Greater Bethel, and the house of God John 1:47-50.

John presents Jesus as the True House of God and the open way of access to the presence of Yahweh. He is the Greater and True Bethel, the “house of God,” and from now on, heaven is open to all men, and angels are “ascending and descending” on the “Son of Man.” What Jacob saw in an ancient long has become a concrete reality in Jesus of Nazareth.

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Jesus is the True and Greater Tabernacle in whom the presence and glory of God reside John 1:14.

The gospel of John presents Jesus as the place where God dwells, where His glory is manifested for all to see. He is the Greater Tabernacle where true worship of the Father takes place “in the spirit.” Access to the glory of God is no longer confined by the physical walls of a temple building or the geographic boundaries of Ancient Israel.



Jesus is the Greater and Final Temple foreshadowed by the ancient Tabernacle and the later Temple building in Jerusalem.

Jesus is the true sanctuary that was foreshadowed in the ancient religious structures and worship rituals of Israel. He is the dwelling place of God’s presence and glory, and the true and final mediator between heaven and earth. Christ is the temple “made-without-hands” that was destroyed by evil men but restored when his Father raised him from the dead.

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The fullness and grace of God are found only in the “Word made Flesh,” Jesus of Nazareth John 1:14-18.

John’s prologue to his gospel introduces its key themes – Life, Light, Witness, Truth, and Grace.  Jesus is the Light of the world, the source of Grace and Truth, the True Tabernacle, the only-born Son of God, and the only one who has seen the Father.  The prologue concludes by declaring that he is the only one who is qualified to interpret the unseen God.

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Jesus is the “word made flesh” and the true tabernacle in which the glory of God is revealed and now residesJohn 1:14.

The opening paragraph of John’s Gospel presents major themes that are explicated in the body of the book. For example, Jesus is the “Word made flesh” in whom life and light are found, and the true and final “tabernacle” where God’s “glory” resides. Moreover, John employs imagery from pivotal events in the history of Israel to illustrate what God has done in Jesus.

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