The touch of Jesus cleansed a leper, and the forbidden contact did not render him “uncleanMark 1:40-45.

His touch cleansed a leper from ritual impurity, restoring him physically AND religiously. Remarkably, Jesus touched the man BEFORE he was cleansed of his ritual impurity, let alone its confirmation by the priests. Any concern over contracting “uncleanness” did not stop the Messiah from healing one of the sons of Israel.

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Neither social conventions nor purity regulations prevented Jesus from ministering to the physical needs of men and womenMark 1:29-39.

Jesus did not allow scruples over purity regulations to prevent him from healing the sick and delivering the oppressed from demonic spirits. Neither Sabbath restrictions nor the Levitical rules governing ritual purity were never intended to prevent human needs from being met, although that is effectively the result of some of the “traditions of the elders.”

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Jesus demonstrated his authority over Satan by driving his forces out of the children of God Mark 1:21-28.

During the temptation in the wilderness, Jesus defeated Satan, and afterward, the effects of that victory were demonstrated by his exercising authority over demonic forces in Capernaum. The town was located on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee and straddled the major trade route between it and the city of Damascus.

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Four Disciples Summoned

The discipleship taught by Jesus differed from the practices of the rabbis. His followers were called to leave everything and dedicate their entire lives to his mission. And they were called TO FOLLOW HIM. In contrast, students educated in rabbinical schools became disciples of the Torah and not of individual teachers.

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Kingdom Parables

The gospel of Mark provides only a few examples of the many parables taught by Jesus (“Apart from a parable he did not speak to the crowds”). But in those few, the dominant theme is the kingdom of God that commenced in his ministry and has continued since whenever the gospel is proclaimed.

Jesus taught the Jewish people in parables, but only as they “were able to hear.” That aspect stresses the responsibility of the listener to hear and heed his words.

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