The Superior Word – (God’s definitive word has been spoken in His Son. All previous words were preparatory and incomplete)

These Last Days(The era of the Levitical priesthood terminated with the arrival of the word of God spoken in His Son)

The Purification of Sins – (Having achieved the purification of sins, Jesus sat down at the right hand of God where he intercedes for his people as their faithful high priest.)

Supremacy of the Son – (Through a series of comparisons, the book of Hebrews demonstrates the supremacy of the Son over his predecessors.)

His Distinguished Name – (Having achieved the purification of sins, Jesus inherited a more distinguished name than the angels – Son)

Do Not Drift Away – (A dire warning of the consequences of failing to heed the superior word spoken in the Son – Hebrews 1:4-2:7)

The Exaltation of the Son – (In Hebrews, Jesus is the Son who is exalted after his suffering and death to become our faithful High Priest)

His Priestly Qualifications – (Jesus qualified to become our high priest by participating fully in human suffering, weakness, and death)

Merciful and Faithful – (Jesus is well-equipped to be our faithful and sympathetic high priest, having participated fully in humanity’s plight, including death)

Surpassing Moses – (The word of the Son is superior even to the word of Moses, the servant, and Great Lawgiver in the house of Yahweh)

Harden not your Hearts – (Disciples who fail to hold fast to their confession due to unbelief will not inherit the coming rest of God)

Enter His Rest – (Disciples who fail to hold fast their confession due to unbelief and disobedience will not inherit the coming rest of God)

Let Us Draw Near – (Disciples must hold fast to their confession and approach Jesus in boldness, especially in times of great need)

Priest Forever – (The inability of the Levitical system to cleanse sins necessitated the new priesthood inaugurated by the death and resurrection of Jesus)

A Change of Law – (The new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek inaugurated in Jesus also means a change in the Law – Hebrews 7:12)

The Tent God Pitched – (Jesus intercedes without ceasing for his people in the true heavenly Tabernacle, one not made with human hands)

The Incomparable New Covenant – (Jesus inaugurated the vastly superior new covenant by his death, rendering the old one obsolete)

From Shadow to Substance – (The types and shadows of the old covenant find their substance in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and his new covenant – Hebrews 8:1-5)