Supreme Word – (God’s Word has been spoken in His “Son“)

Upon These Last Days(The “last days” began with the death, resurrection, and the exaltation of Jesus)

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Supremacy of the Son – (Through a series of comparisons, Hebrews presents the supremacy of the Son over all his predecessors)

Superior to Angels – (The Son inherited a vastly more distinguished name than the angels)

Merciful and Faithful High Priest – (His priesthood is valid and trustworthy because Jesus died the same death as all men)

Supremacy over Moses – (As excellent as Moses was, the word of the Son surpasses even him)

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Priest Forever – (His priesthood is superior since it rests on his endless resurrection life and God’s oath)

Incomparable New Covenant – (Jesus inaugurated the promised and vastly superior new covenant, rendering the old one obsolete)

Shadow or Substance – (Jesus is the substance that casts the shadows of the Old Testament, not vice versa)

The Exaltation of Jesus in the Book of Hebrews – (A key theme is the exaltation of the Son because of his faithful obedience unto death)

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