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Gospel Hope

The Gospel According to the Apostle Paul

Moreoverˎ brethrenˎ I make known unto you The joyful message—

Which I myself announced to youˎ Which also ye received, In which also ye stand; Through which also ye are being saved,—

If ye hold fast |With whatʹ discourse| I announced the joyful message unto you;—

Unless indeed |in vain| ye believed.

For I delivered unto you |among the first things| ||What also I received||:—

How that |Christ| died for our sins |according to the Scriptures|, And that he was buried, And that he hath been raisedˎ on the third day, |according to the Scriptures|,—

And that he appeared unto Cephasˎ |Then| to the twelve, |After that| he appeared to aboveʹ fiveʹ hundredʹ brethren |at once|,—Of whom |the greater number| remain until even now, But |some| have fallen asleep,—

|After that| he appeared unto James, |Then| unto all the apostles, And ||last of all|| <Just as if unto the unseasonable birth> He appeared ||even unto me||; For ||I|| am the least of the apostles, Who am not worthy to be called an apostleˎ Because I persecuted the assembly of God.

(1 Corinthians 15:1-9 – The Emphasised Bible)

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Paul Preaches to Gentiles
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