Way of the Cross – (To follow Jesus wherever he goes necessitates a lifetime of self-denial and sacrificial service for others)

What Satan Fears – (What threatens Satan’s plans is a church conformed to the Cross that trembles at God’s word)

The Path to the Kingdom – (Jesus proclaimed a new political reality, the Kingdom of God, one that bears little resemblance to the political systems of this age)

Following Jesus – (The Messiah of Israel submitted to the way of the Cross and summoned his disciples to follow him on the very same path)

Slaves of HIS Kingdom – (To be a kingdom citizen requires a life of self-sacrificial service for others, not power over them)

True Spirituality – (The spiritually-minded man understands that Christ Crucified is God’s power and wisdom)

God’s Power & Wisdom – (The power and wisdom of God are revealed in the proclamation of a Messiah who was crucified on Calvary)

Drink My Cup – (To follow Jesus means a life of self-sacrificial service to others)

Embracing the Cross – (To be the Messiah means suffering and death, and he summons his disciples to follow the same path)

Sanctified Wholly – (Paul summoned believers to become sanctified completely by that day)

Obedience unto Death – (Christ’s submission to an unjust death is the paradigm for the kind of love and service that disciples are summoned to emulate)

Meaning of Discipleship – (To be his disciple means to pursue self-sacrificial service for others)

Servant of the King – (His disciples are called to lives of self-sacrificial service for others, just as Jesus gave his life a ransom for many)

Paradigm of Calvary – (Christ crucified is the pattern believers are summoned to emulate)

Whosoever will Follow Me – (For a fleeting moment, the eyes of Peter were opened to “see” just who he was)

Stand Fast – (Believers prepare for the apostasy by standing firm in the apostolic tradition)

Prudent or Foolish? – (At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus claims absolute authority for his words. Ignore them at your peril – Matthew 7:21-28)